ETH staking
made effortless

Our sustainable infrastructure and yield strategies will ensure you have the best ETH and BNB staking experience.

One of the safest ETH and BNB staking pools

Maximum stability & uptime

EtherVaults node operators run a highly available and secure infrastructure to ensure validators are never penalized.

DeFi strategies

EtherVaults is integrated with many DeFi projects that can help you increase your ETH and BNB staking earnings.

Integration with your application

EtherVaults API and smart contracts can be integrated into your application to help your users easily deposit ETH and BNB.

Join staking pool

Deposit ETH and BNB with others to share the validator.

Use SOLO staking ETH and get higher APR.

Get rewarded daily with automatic payments to your account

floating APY

ETH staking pool
APR : 19.3 ~ 27.7 %

Solo staking ETH
APR : 27.7 ~ 34.5 %

BNB staking pool
APR : 12.3 ~ 19.8 %